Thursday, May 9, 2013

trip to LA

Hi! It's Teruhisa Inoue! I live in Japan Tokyo, but I am currently in California doing work for Fatlace.  I own a DATSUN KB110 sunny made in 1972. Many of my interests include cars, bikes, surfing, snowboarding, skate culture, music and fashion. My main interest is filming videos. I started this blog to show Japanese cars, lifestyle and culture.  I'm staying in a small city called Alameda only 15 minutes away from San Francisco.  My blog will consist of many photos and videos I will take while I'm in SF.

I went to LA with Mark.

This is a car that I have always wanted to see in person.

I am surprised to see such an expensive car.

and I was riding in this car for 5hours, big headache loud exhaust.

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