Thursday, October 24, 2013

Technical Factory Yabuki

I went to my Sunny's home.

"Technical Factory"

The owner Mr Yabuki made my sunny.

He found this sunny and He told me about it.

This is his HONDA CB550F.

It's Japanese 70's boso style.

It makes me wanna buy CB400F.

also He does racing too.

You can see his racing car at the race called "TS CUP"

This is CB400F's tank.

in 70's, young people couldn't buy CB400F,
 so they made fake CB400F called "BAKEYON" from CB350.
so BAKEYON is kinda cooler than CB400F to me.

This is his friend's racing car.

check out his world on Facebook!

also his instagram is "yabuthiyan"

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