Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kentaro's KP61

I'm back to Japan. but I will keep this blog.

My English will be worse tho cause nobody will help me about English!lol

This is my friend's KP61.

   His name is Kentaro.I often hangout with him.

 He is really good at car fixing. 

  He restarted old car hobby this year.

                      I'm really happy about  He bought an old car again.   


KP61 was a rival of 310Sunny in 1980's

also KP47 was a rival of KB110 in 1970's

This is KP47 starlet.

such a sick ass car!

Someday I wanna go to Hakone with Kentaro's KP61 like this video

Starlet and Sunny are like war buddies now.

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Jay Price

Hi, i have been looking through your photos as i love japan, its people, culture and cars and hope to visit and maybe move one day!! Your pictures capture everything i love about your country and then i came across the kp61...WOW, i help run a starlet club in the uk as i own an ep91 myself and was wondering if i could use some of the photos if you were okay with that, if so contact me on, look forward too hearing from you and keep up with the photos i will be keeping an eye on them

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